Winter Sports in Tenerife – Skating on the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz

Winter has a firm grip on Europe. All of Europe? No, not in a few islands that belong to Europe, according to what we’ve been told. Therefore, we have to help a little in the Canaries, we want to express our solidarity with all the freezing people.


Construction of the skating rink in the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Yes, something is happening now, in the very heart of Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz: in the Plaza de España our popular artificial lake at times changes a little and opens the way…

… to skating under the sun!

Unusual before the familiar crowd

Unusual before the familiar crowd

Well, not quite. Because this is something special, when after a stroll through the city or visiting one of the many attractions still present on the islands of eternal spring, and somehow it becomes part of ourselves for Christmas and winter.

Opening of the ice rink

The opening of the ice rink was due to the 3rd December 2010. But since a severe storm struck the island at the beginning of the week, it wasn’t. However, that did not diminish the excitement, right? And even this storm had a good side: el Teide shines again in a white robe.

Up to 10 January 2011, each woman and man present on the 30 by 20-foot ice rink, which will be housed in a 7.5 meter high tent.

The price for 1 hour skating with skate rental is 4.50€ for children and 6€ for adults. There are discounts for groups. The tram service is open every day from 10-22 clock.

Fresh Snow on the Teide after the storm

Fresh Snow on the Teide after the storm

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